Energy Code Made Easy

  • 1 Core Contractor & Plumber
    1 Prof Electrician
  • Class Time: 1 hour
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Course overview
Learn the basic concepts of the energy code: How it is adopted? How does it affect the cost of housing? How do you test a home for energy efficiency? How will it affect not only the homes you build, but your own home?

Ross Ford

Content marketer, instructor, writer, influencer
About Ross
Ross Ford, the Executive Vice President of the Utah Home Builders Association has been a builder for 34 years with first hand experience navigating the ever increasing codes and regulations. As the EVP of the Utah  Home Builders Association, he continually researches how upcoming and existing codes affect the price of housing and whether it is necessary for the safety of a home.  As a part time professor at Utah Valley University, upcoming technology, to improve homes, is always on the for front of his teaching.