Backflow Prevention - Includes Energy Code

  •  3 Core Contractor & Plumber
  • Study time: 3 hours
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Course overview
S330 & S410 Licenses...Upon completion of this course your license will allow you to install backflow devices in Utah. This course covers the codes, rules, policies, and standards in backflow prevention.

In this course, you will learn what some of the current energy codes are, what has recently been adopted, and what changes are being projected for the future. A primary focus is placed on whether or not all-electric homes are the best option, how renewable energy works for gas distribution to homes, and do airtight homes make better homes. With the facts laid out, you decide what you believe is the best option and respond to a survey at the end of the class. These statics will be used to present to lawmakers as a representation of the building community as they move forward with the code adoption process.

Greg Hand

Greg Hand is a licensed Master Plumber. He has taught in the Apprenticeship Plumbing Program at Salt Lake Community College for 30 years, at nights, along with being a full time plumber with over 40 years of experience in the plumbing field. He holds an AAS Degree from Salt Lake Community College, Professional Educators License for the State of Utah, Class III Backflow Certification, Utah Chapter President of the American Backflow Prevention Association 1996-1998, and the Utah Chapter Meritorious Service Award in 2002.
Greg has taught backflow certification classes since 1985.
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