Lessons Learned from 10,000 Structural Claims

  • 1 core contractor 
    1 Prof Plumber/Electrician
  • Class Time: 50 minutes
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Course overview
Did you know that Utah is the No. 1 highest risk state in the nation for residential structural failures? Walt Keaveny has researched findings from over 10,000 structural claims, and has particular expertise in his home state of Utah. Learn what causes structural damage, and best practices in the international code to reduce call-backs and protect your liability and reputation. Whether you are a trade contractor or general contractor, the exclusive information in this course is a must have in your toolbox.


About WALT 
For the past 15 years, Mr. Keaveny has been
the Risk Manager for the national leader in
new home warranties, 2-10 Home Buyers
Warranty. He is also the Underwriting
Manager and Principal Engineer. He earned
a Bachelors in Geological Engineering and a
Masters in Geotechnical Engineering. He is
licensed as both a Professional Engineer
and a Professional Geoscientist. Mr.
Keaveny has over 35 years of engineering
and construction experience. He is a
frequent speaker and author for the
National Association of Homebuilders. He
serves on the Texas Association of Builders
Warranty Performance Standards Review